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7 e' b4 l* Z* `4 e5 a1 q+ Y# V: P' m/ @& b
PER CURIAM法庭一(yi)致通過
  s- i, k' D! d3 e; _
: S' ?& f  Y0 c- s% bChateau des Charmes Wines, Ltd. (“Chateau des Charmes”), a Canadian company, appeals the dismissal of its action for breach of contract and related claims arising out of its purchase of wine corks from Sabat , S.A. (“Sabat  France”), a French company, and Sabat  USA, Inc. (“Sabat  USA”), a wholly owned California subsidiary. The district court held that forum selection clauses in the invoices that Sabat  France sent to Chateau des Charmes were part of the contract between the parties and dismissed the case in favor of adjudication in France. Because we conclude that the forum selection clauses in question were not part of any agreement between the parties, we reverse./ k2 y3 q* B, d# A
0 I! ^$ I! J' w, c. u
FACTUAL BACKGROUND AND PROCEDURAL HISTORY案件事實及原審(shen)情況5 ]' l- V( B! ?" N& q/ j  k$ R" I
! t. e8 h7 R' w. I& `5 F6 Y6 @0 p
The material facts pertinent to this appeal are not disputed.1 Sabat  France manufactures and sells special wine corks that it claims will not cause wines to be spoiled by “cork taint,” a distasteful flavor that some corks produce. It sells these corks through a wholly owned California subsidiary, Sabat  USA.
0 q. R7 C/ m9 ^% f; B- d' W. C1 Y5 H: `7 f( x7 k
In February 2000, after some preliminary discussions about the characteristics of Sabat ’s corks, Chateau des Charmes, a winery from Ontario, Canada, agreed by telephone with Sabat  USA to purchase a certain number of corks at a specific price. The parties agreed on payment and shipping terms. No other terms were discussed, nor did the parties have any history of prior dealings. Later that year, Chateau des Charmes placed a second telephone order for corks on the same terms. In total, Chateau des Charmes ordered 1.2 million corks.
* c; F! q1 Q- k7 J
3 e  n: Z- g# ~7 h5 ]  r' {6 y! BSabat  France shipped the corks to Canada in eleven shipments. For each shipment, Sabat  France also sent an invoice. Some of the invoices arrived before the shipments, some with the shipments, and some after the shipments. On the face of each invoice was a paragraph in French that specified that “Any dispute arising under the present contract is under the sole jurisdiction of the Court of Commerce of the City of Perpignan.” On the back of each invoice a number of provisions were printed in French, including a clause that specified that “any disputes arising out of this agreement shall be brought before the court with jurisdiction to try the matter in the judicial district where Seller’s registered office is located.” Chateau des Charmes duly took delivery and paid for each shipment of corks. The corks were then used to bottle Chateau des Charmes’ wines.
; e! e9 q' k) K( `! c% ~: n' F/ G! k: u
Chateau des Charmes claims that, in 2001, it noticed that the wine bottled with Sabat ’s corks was tainted by cork flavors. Chateau des Charmes filed suit in federal district court in California against Sabat  France and Sabat   USA alleging claims *530 for breach of contract, strict liability, breach of warranty, false advertising, and unfair competition. Sabat  France and Sabat  USA filed a motion to dismiss based on the forum selection clauses. The district court held that the forum selection clauses were valid and enforceable and dismissed the action. This appeal ensued.1 }' y+ z1 Z- ^. D
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